Pom Pom - EPs 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (2001-02)

Forced Exposure:

With 32 strictly vinyl-only releases in its amazing history, they have maintained a strong and essential element of Berlin's technoid underground movement since 2001. Pom Pom reflects the monotone and hypnotic essence of techno. Pom Pom created a distinctive style larded with playful, bizarre and dreamy elements over the last years. The bass drum drives always majestic through our consciousness within our galactic journey through time and space. From cold space-beats to warm and exotic planetary rebel storms to heartbreaking melodies, the traveler can find everything in the Pom Pom space. Pom Pom doesn`t need titles or calculated design. Pom Pom always uses the black and undiscovered matter from outer space and puts the shiny stars and cosmic adventures into the sound storage medium in order to let you find the magic place we call space.


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