Pedro Infante - Boleros y Rancheras

It's a mystery to me how I got hold of this compilation because as of last week the only trace I could find of its existence outside my library was a sole archived post from a Mexican blog at the other end of a Tiny Eye reverse image search for this cover.

I love ranchera music. My introduction to the genre was a Jorge Negrete compilation I acquired while on a cruise excursion portside in Baja. This selection likewise appeals to me on a very emotional level, with its swelling strings, rousing brass and expressive singing. 


Sissy Nobby - Gitty Up Mixtape

Noticed that GHE20G0TH1K is teaming with New Orleans bounce artist Sissy Nobby, so here's an earlier mixtape for genre reference.



Klaus Schønning - Lydglimt [Glimpses of Sound] (1978)

Wildlife Records:

"The masterpiece of seashore synth from the wild-haired Dane Schönning. With a sound entirely his own, Schönning fuses gritty electronic percussions with mysterious-sounding melodies and recordings of seagulls into epic visions of hazy landscapes."

Phonix Musik:

"Being Denmark's first new age album, 'Lydglimt' has become an inspirational model for many musicians and others who learned to appreciate poetic and evocative instrumental music. A melodic album capturing summer images of Danish forests and beaches. Composed during the 1970's and recorded on keyboards and acoustic string instruments in 1979, this album received a warm reception and expressed a new level of creativity in music culture of those days."


Fatima Al Qadiri - Asiatisch (2014)

This album is an interesting fusion of cultural and musical influences- beside the pervading Chinese-ness, both conceptual and tone-wise, it's got a dash of Fatima's haunting, whispered levantine melodies, and rhythmic elements showing an awareness of what's been going on in global bass music in recent years, most notably for this release in her extensive use of dembows (which also make an appearance on Slava's Comma Sutra for example), reflective of both the similarly-titled Dominican genre and the the rhythm's use in styles like Reggaeton, Kudoro, 3ball and Zouk Bass to name a few. Check 'Wudang', which is almost how I'd imagine Chinese grime (hah) by way of the club (albeit with an experimental edge). And what about that cover? It almost looks sourced from Disimages. Anyway, I'm excited.

Alex G - TRICK (2012)


(plz dl on bandcamp if u like)

i bet there'll be a new album this year...


Trío Aguilillas - Sones of Mexico (1950)

Fire and passion don't even come close to describing what these musicians possess, whose only recorded work is presented here on this 18.6 minute record recorded by a certain In a perfect world, I'd have a five disc box set of just these guys sitting next to me right now, but alas, they don't call it a vale of tears for nothin'

Dag Rosenqvist & Rutger Zuydervelt - Vintermusik (2007)

Beautiful stuff.  Gets even better with every listen.

fuji grid tv - prism genesis (2011)

the apotheosis of the vaporwave genre as far as im concerned.


Hildegard Knef - Knef (1970)

Schlager/Baroque Pop with Nico-esque vocals from this famous German chanteuse.  Killer!



Iko - '83 (1982)

Minimal synth masterwork in my book.  Why hasn't this been reissued officially?  seriously. good.


Reflexe · Stationen Europäischer Musik, Vol. 1 - Studio der Frühen Musik, Thomas Binkley et al

The "Reflexe" series, released by EMI subsidiary EMI Electrola focused on early European music, mostly from the medieval and renaissance period.  It's well known not only for its incredible artwork 

by Roberto Patelli, but also the quality of these recordings, played on period instruments by the Studio der Frühen Musik, directed by Thomas Binkley, and a host of other performers.  These records have become collectors items, and are increasingly hard to find, even after being reissued on CD in Germany by EMI Classics.  John Zorn is reported to have purchased a complete set of the ten box sets (this being the first) on LP.  Fancy that.  The Machaut disc has been lauded by many, and I am currently obsessed with the French compositions on the Johannes Ciconia disc.

1 Studio der Frühen Musik - Oswald von Wolkenstein: Monophone & Polyphone Lieder
2 Studio der Frühen Musik - Johannes Ciconia
3 Studio der Frühen Musik - Roman de Fauvel
4 Ricercare-Ensemble für Alte Musik, Zürich - Ludwig Senfl: Deutsche Lieder
5 Linde Consort - Thomas Morley: Altenglische Consortmusik
6 Studio der Frühen Musik - Machaut: Chansons, Vol 1