Victor Jara - Canto Libre (1970)

Victor Jara was a Chilean freedom fighter, activist and poet who became a hero throughout Latin America after his death in 1973, when he was tortured and killed in the Chile Stadium along with many others during the Chilean Coup. This is the CD reissue of a collection of songs that showcases his interest in a wide range of Latin American musical traditions. Incredibly moving and highly recommended.


Michel Chion - Requiem (1978)

Another masterpiece from the INA-GRM catalogue. One of the most famous (and best) Musique Concrète albums ever.


The Awakening - Mirage (1973)

CD reissue of one of the most sought-after albums from the famous and highly-collectable Black Jazz Records.

Asylum Party - Picture One (1988)

Solid bit of gloomy Post-Punk from '88. I much prefer this to their equally well-known Borderline LP for some reason.

Benny Maupin - Jewel in the Lotus (1974)

Gorgeous textures and spacey, free arrangements from this jazz ensemble fronted by ex-Headhunters reed man Benny Maupin. Released on ECM, also featuring Herbie Hancock, Charles Sullivan, Buster Williams, Bill Summers, and Frederick Waits.


Jacques Lejeune – Fantasmes Ou L’Histoire De Blanche-Neige (1971)

Underground Resistance - Codebreaker (1997), World 2 World (1992), Final Frontier (1992)

If there is no band more mythical than Faust, as Julian Cope has said concerning Krautrock, surely when it comes to Detroit Techno, there is none more mythical than Underground Resistance. Whether it was their habit to conceal their identities in front of the media or their cult following among righteous techno acolytes, Underground Resistance were a central pillar of Detroit Techno's second wave, and whose broad catalogue, especially these three releases, live on as Techno landmarks.



Asmus Tietchens - Formen Letzter Hausmusik (1984)

Monumental experimental recordings-- clangorous, haunting, industrial soundscapes mixed with the austerity of modern classical compositions, by way of Mr. Tietchens' utterly unique approach to sonic sculpture. If Musique Concrète, or experimental music in general interests you, I highly recommend this.

Association P.C. - Sun Rotation (1972)

Incredibly good cosmic jazz-fusion album with avant-garde leanings from this dutch group.


Howard McGhee - Trumpet at Tempo

One of the most important trumpeters of the bebop era on this (CD Reissue) of this hardish to find album.


Wax - 10001, 20002, 30003 (2008-2010)

The first three quality 12"s from the much talked about Wax (the moniker of René Pawlowitz of Shed fame) released on limited edition white label pressings.

Wayne Jarrett - Showcase, Vol. 1

Incredible, and oft overlooked reggae/dub album from the Brooklyn based Wackie's label.

Curley Weaver - Georgia Guitar Wizard (1928-1935)

Belongs in any serious blues collection. Nuff said.

The Fix - At the Speed of Twisted Thought (2006)

Fan of old-school hardcore? You need this.

Deux Filles - Silence & Wisdom (1983)

Ethereal, haunting, delicate. These are all adjectives that can be used to describe this amazing and curious set of songs by the mysterious French group Deux Filles, allegedly fronted by Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule on vocals. CD reissue.

Joseph Spence - Complete Folkways Recordings (1958)

One of my all-time favorites. If the blues, fingerpicking, or the acoustic guitar interests you at all I highly recommend this album.


Edward Artemyev - Solaris (1972)

Deep and dark synthesizer work, originally composed by Edward Artemyev for Andrei Tarkovsky's film Solaris. This is taken from a bootleg issued by Toei Music (Don't fall for the more recent albums claiming to be Tarkovsky soundtracks, they're almost certainly mere re-interpretations of the real thing)

Gérard Zadj & Jean-Pierre Decerf - Patchwork 49 - Action (1979)

One of the best from this legendary French library label. exuberant space-age synth-funk.

Chakra (チャクラ) - Satekoso (さてこそ) (1981)

Crazy (good) japanese weirdness with female vocals.

Jeff & Jane Hudson - Flesh (1981)

Minimal Synth Masterpiece.

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Trisomie 21 - Passions Divisées (1984)

If not my favorite coldwave record, definitely in my top two or three. 40 minutes of icy synth dirges.

Nirvana 2002 - Disembodied Spirits (1991)

Gloriously loud and powerful death metal w/ cool black metal atmosphere. Check it.

Maurizio Bianchi - Armaghedon (1984)

My favorite by this great Italian noise pioneer, and one of the most fascinating listens I know of. Pure black atmosphere.

Arthur Doyle Plus 4 - Alabama Feeling (1978)

CD Reissue of this great album, originally championed by the eminent Thurston Moore.

Dorothy Carter - Waillee Waillee (1978)

Awesome acid-folk album featuring the haunting voice of Dorothy Carter and her hammered dulcimer. Ripped by the man at avantghetto.

Abana Ba Nasery - Classic Acoustic Recordings from Western Kenya (1989)


This amazing import collects various Nasery singles from the '60s and early '70s. Shem Tube and Justo Osala play acoustic guitars, Enos Okola is a percussionist who rubs the grooves on an empty Fanta bottle with a nail, and all three sing. The style is called omutibo and sounds like a mix of Hawaiian folk music, early Delta blues, and acoustic soukous.

Ripped by the man at Global Groove.

Charles Tyler - Saga of the Outlaws (1976)

One of the best pieces of free jazz/free improv I have ever heard.