Sissy Nobby - Gitty Up Mixtape

Noticed that GHE20G0TH1K is teaming with New Orleans bounce artist Sissy Nobby, so here's an earlier mixtape for genre reference.



Evil Pimp - Speak No Evil (2003)

This is the Evil Pimp album to get imo. It's got some great horror soundtrack beats, mixed with that unmistakeable triplet flow Memphis rappers are so fond of. The lyrics may be the best part however (or worst, depending on your sense of humor). Pimp's murder raps are bone-chilling, but also shot through with an absurdist sense of humor, with turns of phrase like:

"Torture, remorseful, fuck up anybody,
I got so many carats people callin' me Bugs Bunny"


Klaus Schønning - Lydglimt [Glimpses of Sound] (1978)

Wildlife Records:

"The masterpiece of seashore synth from the wild-haired Dane Schönning. With a sound entirely his own, Schönning fuses gritty electronic percussions with mysterious-sounding melodies and recordings of seagulls into epic visions of hazy landscapes."

Phonix Musik:

"Being Denmark's first new age album, 'Lydglimt' has become an inspirational model for many musicians and others who learned to appreciate poetic and evocative instrumental music. A melodic album capturing summer images of Danish forests and beaches. Composed during the 1970's and recorded on keyboards and acoustic string instruments in 1979, this album received a warm reception and expressed a new level of creativity in music culture of those days."