Fatima Al Qadiri - Asiatisch (2014)

This album is an interesting fusion of cultural and musical influences- beside the pervading Chinese-ness, both conceptual and tone-wise, it's got a dash of Fatima's haunting, whispered levantine melodies, and rhythmic elements showing an awareness of what's been going on in global bass music in recent years, most notably for this release in her extensive use of dembows (which also make an appearance on Slava's Comma Sutra for example), reflective of both the similarly-titled Dominican genre and the the rhythm's use in styles like Reggaeton, Kudoro, 3ball and Zouk Bass to name a few. Check 'Wudang', which is almost how I'd imagine Chinese grime (hah) by way of the club (albeit with an experimental edge). And what about that cover? It almost looks sourced from Disimages. Anyway, I'm excited.

Alex G - TRICK (2012)


(plz dl on bandcamp if u like)

i bet there'll be a new album this year...