Kim Hiorthøy - Hei (2003)

Quirky and beautiful IDM.


Norway's Kim Hiorthøy is a multi-faceted artist whose work has included painting, illustration, graphic design, film, photography, and writing in addition his music, which is primarily electronic-based. In any given field of creative endeavor, and certainly in his musical explorations, he tends to defy conventions and rigid definitions, taking an unstudied and deliberately amateurish approach with typically curious and sometimes whimsical results.


Finally given a vinyl airing by the Vertical Form label, ‘Hei’ is one of those records that has fast attained classic status. Here’s what we said about it when it came out on CD a couple of years ago :
“What a revelation this album is....'Hei' (Hey in Norwegian) is one of those albums that crosses any number of genres..spends a little time with each, mixes them about and comes out with a gorgeously lovely, masterful pop album. In much the same way as Iceland's Mum, or the groundbreaking 'The West' LP from Matmos, Hiorthoy has embraced known stylings and sounds and has created something completely unique. Playful, melodic, sometimes embracing electronica, sometimes employing glitch, sometimes exposing itself to folk music, sometimes flowering childrens lullabies...the overall effect is one of pure joy. Please, trust us, you will treasure this album”. And indeed you will. Utterly lovely.


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